October 12, 2011

Fresh Avocado Vinaigrette Dressing

I discovered something incredible yesterday. So incredible that I had the salad bar from Whole Foods not just for lunch, but for dinner too. It wasn't the fresh greens, creative flavorful side salads or heavily sauced seiten. It was a new salad dressing.

Cindy's Kitchen has come out with another mind-blowing dressing to top your salad: Fresh Avocado Vinaigrette Dressing

It's smooth, fresh, but with a zing of heat and spice that makes you want to drink the entire bottle rather than slather your lettuce in it. It's almost like a more fluid, smoky, spicy guacamole. The ingredients explain why: Filtered water, avocados, salsa verde (roasted tomatillos, water, fire roasted chile peppers, fire roasted onions, salt, garlic, spices), organic sunflower oil, white balsamic vinegar, can sugar, lime juice concentrate, garlic puree, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, matcha green tea and green tea extract. 

If anyone can tell me why they add green tea, I'd love to know. To claim an antioxidant boost? As the last ingredient, I can't imagine that it packs even a subtle shift in the flavor. If you haven't tried this dressing yet, I insist that you run out immediately. I grabbed a full bottle from the produce section to take home, along with some other salad-making ingredients. There is no way that this isn't going to be hitting my plate on a nightly basis from here until all 16 oz are gone.

For a peek at the bottle as well as another ringing endorsement, check out another Boston blogger who also raves about the new fave: Mise en place

I will be updating with photos this evening (who likes a post without visual enhancement, right?)!

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