October 6, 2011

Weekly Tidbits: Brown Bagging Lunch as a Vegan

Following yesterday's theme on my brown bagged breakfasts, I thought I'd also share my newest, most favorite vegan lunch go-to!  At this stage, I've eaten this for lunch almost every day for the past three weeks, so it really doesn't get old.  It may, however, get old when I run out of super sweet grape and cherry tomatoes from my garden.  Will store-bought ring in just as delicious?  I'm dubious.

Now my classic vegetarian lunch combo goes like this:

Faux meat burger or cutlet (Quorn, Morning Star Farms, Boca, Meredith Farms)
2 cups of roasted vegetables (zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, spinach)
1/2 cup of a grain/fiber (rice, yukon gold potato, couscous, barley)

My greatest discovery last year were Quorn products.  The juicy chick'n cutlets required nothing but a little warm up.  Texturally appealing, not remotely dry, perfect to dress up or have plain.  I would snack on them for kicks.  Excellent source of protein.  The drawback?  They aren't vegan.  They use egg whites as a binder.  Thus they have fled my diet just as quickly as they arrived.  I'm back to the classic veggie burger brands and homemade options like seitin and TVP.  In my sorrow I have rejected the classic lunch combo above for newer, greener pastures.

In comes a newly discovered passion for hummus.  Not just any old hummus, but Sabra and Eat Well Enjoy Well.  Both of these brands have super creamy, moist, flavorful hummus.  Sabra is fairly classic and tops off the hummus with a spoonful of chopped ingredients (peppers, chillis, garlic), while Eat Well Enjoy Well incorporate revolutionary hummus flavors and hummus bases (edamame, white bean, yellow lentil) that also retain that tasty moist, easily spreadable hummus topped with fresh chopped ingredients.  Honestly, I'm a little more in love with EWEW than Sabra, although it's a bit more difficult to get your hands on.

So if I want hummus for lunch, then what's the easiest way to bring it along in my purse?  In a wrap!  And not just any wrap, my favorite buttery soft, richly flavorful, high-protein, omega-ladden Joseph's Lavash bread.  I swear, no one is paying me for these posts.  I just honestly love these brands and will wax poetic when a food product worms its way into my heart.

Thus comes my favorite go-to lunch wrap:

Spicy Hummus Wrap

3-4 Tbsp Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus or EWEW Spicy Yellow Lentil Hummus
1 Joseph's Lavash Square
1/2/-3/4 cup of garden fresh sweet grape or sunburst tomatoes, chopped into quarters
A fistful of fresh spinach leaves
2 slices of faux deli meat

Roll it up, wrap it in aluminum foil and toss it into your bag.

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