January 4, 2012

Weekly Tidbits: Tomato and Cranberry Bagel

Grape Tomato and Cranberry Cream Cheese Bagel

I made an exciting trip to Panera Bread this week, when I had a massive craving for a bagel and cream cheese.  Rather than just one, I ended up grabbing a half dozen of the Cranberry Walnut Bagels along with their new Cranberry Orange Cream Cheese.  Yum.

What I always forget when surrounded by the scent of fresh breads and soups at Panera is that I never eat bagels, let alone at home.  It takes me weeks if not months to eat six of those puppies, so they always end up in the freezer, which seriously dents their freshness.

So in an attempt to have a well portioned lunch, I tossed together half of a toasted bagel, a slathering of the deliciously sweet cranberry orange cream cheese - and what really made, left it fresh and clean were the halved grape tomatoes I popped on top.  Something about the cranberry-orange-tomato combo that sent me straight to heaven.

Highly recommended way to get in a quick, filling lunch!

Grape Tomato and Cranberry Cream Cheese BagelGrape Tomato and Cranberry Cream Cheese Bagel

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