September 11, 2011

An Introduction

I have, for years, dreamed of starting my very own food blog.  In my own way I've been preparing for this step for quite some time.  Photodocumenting my cooking experiments and successes.  Sharing those tales informally with friends and family.  

So why start now?  Well, the answer is twofold. 
  1. Procrastination.  I had a lot of work to do this weekend.  I brought home all of my research material and files.  I told everyone I knew that not only couldn't I socialize, but that I was going to remain inside my home until I finished the three tasks I set out to complete for Monday morning.

    Remember back in college when you'd go home for spring break loaded down with textbooks, promising to get in those extra study hours before you returned to the grind of classes?  But in the end, all you actually did was get a crick in your lower back from pointlessly hauling those textbooks back and forth on the Greyhound?  That is how it goes when I try to work from home.  All good intentions, minimal follow through.

    So what did I do instead of those many hours of work?  I decided it was the perfect time to start a food blog.  Chose a name, designed some graphics for the template, took some starter photographs for my initial posts.  Anything but slaving over a power point presentation or tackling EndNote.

  2. The Happiness Project.  I read this book/blog by Gretchen Rubin this past spring.  One of the little ways in which Gretchen tackled becoming happier was by doing something she loved.  In her case, she loved to write. She spent one month writing a book, straight through, non-stop. Using her example, I asked myself, if i could spend a month totally devoted to a passion of mine, what would it be?  Well, that's easy.  Food and drink!

    I like to give myself little goals, and if they turn into long term endeavors then all the better.  With a short-term goal, my success rate is right near 100%.  One month is both long enough to form a habit, but also short enough avoid burning out. Thus I am devoting at least the next, rather busy (since I'm unsuccessful at working from home), month to sharing my love of food, the creations from my kitchen, and my experiments in home mixology.

    As Gretchen says 'One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy; One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.'  This blog is going to be my little package of happy.

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see what you do here! I'm very excited! Also, I just have to say that I also love the Happiness Project. :)


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